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Facility Rental

Community Center Rental Agreement

Click Here to download the Community Center Rental Agreement Form. A 50% deposit will hold the reservation. 

• small multipurpose room
• Capacity 40
• small multipurpose room
• warming kitchen
• gymnasium
• Capacity 422


Repast Fee - $100 Flat Rate

Monday - Thursday '  8am - 8pm  '  2-hour minimum ' $50 per hour or $400 for a full day rental 8am - 8pm

Friday - Sunday '  8am - 10pm  '  3-hour minimum '  $75 per hour or $400 for a full day rental 8am - 10pm

Reservations must be made 14 days in advance: with the exception of a funeral repast. Time frame includes set-up and breakdown. 

POLICY AGREEMENT All reservation requests for this facility are TENTATIVE ONLY until approved by our staff. You will be notified upon approval. A 50% deposit is required to reserve the date of the event and final payment is due 7 days before the event. Only cashier's checks or money orders will be accepted as forms of payment.

RESPONSIBILITY Any renter seeking the use of the community center for an event will assume full responsibility for the conduct of all persons attending the event. The client will be responsible for any damage done to the premises by the client's guests or independent contractors. All clients will be required to conduct the event in an orderly manner in full compliance with applicable law, codes, rules, and regulations. Cleaning up of the rental space including trash removal and disposal, sweeping and/or mopping up spill etc. is the client's responsibility. The cost of any employee overtime incurred because of the renter's failure to clean and/or restore the site following the event will be borne by the renter. NHA reserves the right to inspect the facility/event at any time. 


·         Admission fees may NOT be charged.

·         Alcoholic beverages are NOT allowed. The consumption and possession of alcoholic beverages must be pre-approved and is limited to beer and wine only. All federal, state, county and municipal laws and regulations pertaining to the consumption and possession of alcoholic beverages must be adhered to if pre-approval is granted. A signed security contract must be provided for events where alcohol is approved. 

·         Cooking is NOT allowed on site; unless requested in advance.

·         Smoking will NOT be permitted within the community center or in the area surrounding the center. 

·         Animals are NOT permitted inside the facility; however, service/therapy dogs are allowed.

·         Newberry Housing Authority will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.

·         Newberry Housing Authority is not responsible for articles, food, or materials left at the conclusion of the event. These items will be disposed of at the discretion of the Authority.

·         Neither the renter nor anyone in the renter's party is permitted in any area not designated in the agreement.

·         The renter is responsible for the actions of guests, or any subcontractors hired by the renter.

·         All participants are expected to behave in an appropriate fashion at all times.

·         Music is permitted inside the building only. Any outside music will require a special event permit from the City of Newberry.

·         Please be sure that all doors are locked and closed before leaving the facility after your event.

·         The use of glitter, candles, confetti or taping anything to walls is prohibited. 

·         Clean-up includes: removing all items, rinsing out the sink, cleaning the countertops, mopping all floors, wiping down tables and chairs. Ensuring the stove and oven is turned off. All trash will be tied up and placed in the appropriate receptacle. Excessive trash incurring additional pickup charges will be billed to the individual or organization that signs the rental contract.

·         Newberry Housing Authority reserves the right to refuse any application.

Non-profits, schools, government agencies etc. can utilize the space for free but it must be reserved and approved. If the event is a "fundraiser" or tickets are charged, a rental fee will be assessed. 
The space is automatically reserved on election days and for the Salvation Army during bad weather. No other reservations will be allowed when these days are booked.