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Landlord Handbook


The Newberry Housing Authority (NHA) welcomes you as an owner/landlord in the Housing Choice Voucher Rental Assistance Program (formerly known as Section 8) and looks forward to a good working relationship with you.  

The NHA is pleased to provide you with the following information about the Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCV), a HUD-funded tenant-based rental assistance program. This booklet is designed to answer concerns and questions most often asked by owners/landlords. The booklet includes a few pages of Questions and Answers, a list of Landlord and Family Responsibilities, and a Summary of Housing Quality Standards. Please take time to read this information and keep the booklet as a reference.  

Owners participate in the HCV program on a voluntary basis. When interested, an owner simply leases vacant units to families with a Housing Choice Voucher. The family pays a portion of their rent, based on income, directly to the owner, and the NHA pays the remainder of the rent directly to the owner. The owner/tenant relationship is very similar to a relationship with unassisted tenants. The owner screens and selects appropriate tenants in the same manner as unassisted tenants are selected. Your participation in providing better housing for Rutherford Country is appreciated.

Housing Choice Voucher Staff
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