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Extermination Selection Tips

The information listed below is from the New York Times article "Sleeping with the Enemy (Bed Bugs)." Please note that the information listed is provided as a reference only. If the presence of bed bugs is suspected, immediate action should be taken.

  • Most successful treatment efforts include a combination of thorough cleaning and sorting, along with repeated professional bed bug treatment applications.
  • Many pest control companies will perform a visual inspection at no charge in hopes that if you have bed bugs, you'll hire them to do the treatment.
  • According to the article, you should be wary of pest control companies that emphasize their bed bug expertise.
  • Find an established pest control company that has been in business at least five years.
  • The article states that exterminators may charge $250 to $900 a room to get rid of bed bugs, depending on the level of infestation and the types of treatments used. Prices in our local area may vary.
  • Be sure the exterminator makes at least one follow-up visit. According to the article it's near impossible to kill all bed bugs in a given area with one treatment.
  • Ask if follow-up treatments are included in the price quoted to you.
  • Check to see that the company and technician you hire are licensed in your state.
  • Check the Better Business Bureau for any complaints filed against the exterminators you are considering.