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Landlord Responsibilities

  1. To perform routine management functions including screening and selecting families, maintaining the property, collecting rent and handling tenant complaints. Participation in the program does not relieve a landlord of any normal duties of ownership. The NHA only pays a portion of the rental payment on behalf of the family.
  2. To comply with all requirements of the Housing Assistance Payments Contract.
  3. To enforce the lease agreement. The owner must provide the NHA with a copy of any owner eviction notice given to the family.
  4. To always maintain the unit so it always passes the NHA housing quality standards inspection. (see the summary of Housing Quality Standards on page 15.) The owner may require the HCV family to repair or pay for repairs or damages (other than normal wear and tear) caused by the family or guests of the family.
  5. To collect only the amount of rent from the family which is specified in the lease and/or hap contract or any interim notice of change amendments to the hap contract. Side payments are not allowed.
  6. To notify the NHA HCV staff immediately if the family vacates the unit. Landlords are not eligible to receive payments if the family is not living in the unit. The hap contract automatically terminates when an HCV family vacates a unit. Any housing assistance payments received following the month of the family's vacation of the unit must be returned to the NHA.
  7. To immediately report to the NHA HCV staff if any utilities are disconnected, whether paid for by the owner or family (if known). If a family or landlord fails to fulfill their obligation to connect/pay utilities as required by the lease agreement, the subsidy will be stopped or terminated.
  8. To immediately notify the NHA if persons, other than those listed by the NHA in the HAP contract, are living in the unit.
  9. To provide proof of ownership of a unit. If the property is put on the market for sale, the owner must notify the NHA. The owner may not assign the hap contract to a new owner without the prior written consent of the NHA.
  10. To provide a W-9 for the purposes of filing an accurate 1099 with the IRS.
  11. To notify the HCV staff of rent increases 90 days prior to the effective date of the increase. Rent increase if eligible will go into effect and annual recertification.

Failure to fulfill these obligations may result in the withholding, abatement (stop) or termination of housing assistance payments. Future participation in the program may also be prohibited.