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How the Program Works

The following is a basic guideline of how the program works.

  1. A family is determined to be eligible. The family must not have an outstanding debt to any public housing agency nor have been evicted from public housing in the last three years.
  2. The family is issued a Housing Choice Voucher by Newberry Housing Authority (NHA).
  3. The family searches for a unit to rent. NHA will provide the family with a list of owners/landlords who accept vouchers. The owners must request to be placed on this list.
  4. When the family finds a unit, they ask the owner or landlord if they will accept the HCV family as a tenant, and if they are willing to accept a housing assistance payment from NHA.
  5. The owner and family sign a request for tenancy approval and submit it and a copy of the lease to the HCV staff.
  6. If the owner's lease and rent amount are acceptable, the HCV inspector conducts an inspection. Inspections are scheduled within fifteen days after the request for tenancy approval is received.
  7. If there are repairs to be made, the repairs must be completed before assistance may begin. The family may not occupy the unit prior to the unit passing inspection.
  8. Once repairs are completed, the owner and family sign a lease.
  9. The family pays the security deposit and connects the utilities not supplied by the landlord.
  10. The owner signs a housing assistance payments contract with NHA.
  11. The family moves into the unit.
  12. Each month a portion of the rent is paid directly to the owner by NHA, and the family pays their portion directly to the owner.
  13. The family reports certain changes in income and family composition to NHA.
  14. The family's eligibility is recertified each year.
  15. A unit must be re-inspected and pass a Housing Quality Standards (HQS) inspection each year.
  16. Relocations are possible (after the initial 12-month period).