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Benefits to the Owner

  • Housing assistance payments are deposited in the bank account of the owner or agent of the owner no later than the 5th day of each month.
  • Risks in rent default are reduced because the family's portion of rent is based on their income.
  • The owner sets the amount of the security deposit according to local practice, generally not more than one month's contract rent.
  • NHA maintains a landlord listing that is provided to all families searching for a place to live, which may assist with property vacancy rates.
  • The owner is responsible for screening tenants, which allows the owner full discretion for tenant selection.
  • Annual housing quality standards inspections assist the owner with identifying areas that need repair to maintain the overall quality of the unit.
  • The lease term is 12 months, which improves tenant stability. NHA guidelines prohibit families from relocating with continued assistance during their lease.
  • NHA encourages timely payment of tenant rent by enforcing the family obligations in the program. it is a violation of a family's responsibilities in the program if they fail to make timely rent payments or damage the unit beyond normal wear and tear.
  • Participating owners help low-income families in Newberry County secure safe, decent, and affordable housing.