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Margie Suber

Margie Suber Headshot.

Marjorie Suber came to live at The Julian E. Grant Homes in the year 1974, the same year The Julian E. Grants Homes were completed for residents to move in. Born and raised in Newberry, SC - Marjorie is the Daughter of the late Willie Sims Sr. and Marjorie Sims.  She is the fourth child of four Siblings. Marjorie is a graduate of Newberry High School and Business Study of Piedmont Technical College. She is a wife of 25 years, Mother and Grandmother. A member of Fairview Baptist Church. A Notary Public, she enjoys reading and decorating. Marjorie has served as President of Newberry Housing Authority's Resident Council.  She's served on two Boards - Piedmont Technical College of Greenwood, SC, and The Newberry Literacy Council / A Mentor for the Literacy Council. Currently employed at Newberry Housing Authority since 1994, Marjorie states she loves her job so much - that her two Granddaughters say they want to work at Newberry Housing when they grow up.

Marjorie also has a brother, Willie Sims Jr., who's employed at Newberry Housing Authority. He started working in the summer when he was in high school through The JTPA Program. Willie graduated from high school off to The Army -came back home, and was hired at Newberry Housing as the Maintenance Supervisor.

Marjorie gives all the praise to Our Heavenly Father, whom she states is the head of her life. ''I thank Him each day for giving me the most virtuous Mother one can have. I truly- Honor My Mother; she had so much love and care for her children, which allowed us to have a great childhood and a good upbringing. I'm very grateful and Blessed to have had her.

A lot of my dedication goes to Mrs. Clara D. Wertz. Mrs. Clara had known my family since early childhood- when my siblings and I would walk to downtown Newberry on Saturday morning to buy ice cream cones and stop by Wertz Music Shop to purchase a 45mm record or an album. Mrs. Clara was the owner of the store, and she was always kind and generous to my family. As a matter of fact - it was Mrs. Clara who got my sister and our first teenage job - Managing the West End Park in the summertime, where children around the area -could come to the park and play all kinds of board games and have snacks and eat lunch. It was so much fun then - Back In the Day. NO WORRIES!! EVERYONE GOT ALONG!! It also gives me great pleasure and opportunity to have known - Dr. Julian E. Grant Sr. during my Era.

Living in Public Housing - I used to babysit for some of the working Mothers who lived here. I learned a lot from these Moms. Not only did they work, they were very neat with their appearance. They kept their home nice and clean and provided for their children. I remember my first official payroll job- without transportation to get to work - Mrs. Sue Mc Clurklin, a Resident of Grant Homes - made sure I got back and forth to work. I appreciate her for helping me along the way, as well as so many other Mothers. Not only did they help me, but looked out for all the children in the neighborhood.

So, I Listened, Learned, Obeyed and Respected those that are still here and the ones that have gone on before us, which has helped mold and shape me into the person I am today. I've been around for a long time. I've seen little ones grow up and become adults and parents. Being in the Public Housing workforce has given me opportunities to grow close to so many families, to understand their needs, to share in their sorrow and their happiness, and to contribute to their Celebration. I also took it upon myself to nurture and provide for a young child - here at Newberry Housing when a close family member passed away. The rewards for doing this go beyond anything I could hope for and are just a small token of giving back to a community that has done so much for me.

My Philosophy: Learn from yesterday, Live for today, and Hope for tomorrow.
I truly believe my purpose on this earth - is to help others.