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No Trespassing

The Newberry Housing Authority may, from time to time, find it necessary to serve a No Trespassing Notice. These notices are legal documents that are issued to persons that have caused disturbances or illegal activities, or a tenant feels there is a threat of violence, or NHA security feels that there is cause to serve. Once you are served, you are no longer allowed on Housing Authority property.

No Trespassing Notices may be served as follows:

  1. If it is a person that can be located in Newberry County, a law enforcement officer will be called and asked to serve the No Trespassing Notice on the person. Once the person is served, law enforcement will give the person a copy to keep, the law enforcement agency will keep a copy, and the Housing Authority will be given a copy to keep on file that has the name of the officer serving the notice and the date and time issued.

  2. If this person is not in the Newberry Housing Authority's jurisdiction, the No Trespassing Notice will then be served by certified mail with the signed return receipt requested. The signed receipt provides evidence that the person has received the notice.

  3. If there is an incident in which NHA security or other law enforcement officers feel that the person should be on notice, it will be at the officer's discretion to serve a No Trespassing Notice.

Once No Trespassing Notice is in place and the person is seen on Housing Authority property, law enforcement must be notified immediately! If the person is found in or near any unit on Housing Authority property with the consent of the head of household or any person on the lease, the family is responsible; this is a lease violation, and the family may face eviction. All violators of this policy will be prosecuted!

Any incidents involving a person who has a No Trespassing Notice will not be tolerated. These persons were issued with just cause and will not be allowed on Newberry Housing Authority property. No Trespassing Notices once served, are indefinite. The only way a No Trespassing Notice may be rescinded is when the Public Housing Manager, after consultation with law enforcement and/or HUD, recommends to the Executive Director that the notice be rescinded. Each request will be considered on a case-by-case basis. If the Executive Director agrees with the Public Housing Manager's recommendation, the No Trespassing Notice may be lifted by written notification by the Executive Director to law enforcement and the person who issued the notice.

A courtesy copy of the trespass list will be maintained in the NHA offices, but the official list is maintained at the Newberry Police Department. Any questions about the list can be checked through them. It is your responsibility as a tenant to stay apprised of the No Trespass list; it is updated as people are added.